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25 July 2015

My phone is slow. How To speed up BlackBerry phone Performance


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One thing I dread is that horrible little black clock that randomly pops up on my BlackBerry screen, the sign that I'm pushing the limits on my poor BlackBerry Bold 9900. Sometimes, it goes away immediately, other times takes about a minute, but on one disastrous occasion, I had to completely restart my BlackBerry to get it working again.

I find it necessary to briend up list of solutions to hopefully either fix the issue of your BlackBerry lagging or prevent it from ever becoming a problem in the first place. By enacting these few simple steps, you are
guaranteed to have an even better BlackBerry experience.

Close any unnecessary applications - Simply clicking the end button when you're finished using an app does not stop it from continuing to use CPU and processing speed on your BlackBerry. Instead, while in the app, click the BlackBerry button (the one with the BlackBerry symbol on it) and scroll down to click "Exit" or "Close". To check if you've left any apps open on accident, simply hold down the same BlackBerry button at any time, and up pops a screen that shows you which apps are currently running on your phone. Click on one you'd like to close using the same steps from before. One thing to remember: Home, Phone, Browser, BlackBerry Messenger, and Messages will always be open and you cannot exit them.

Clear log files - While on the Home Screen of your BlackBerry, simultaneously hold ALT while typing LGLG. If you've done this properly, another screen will pop up showing a bunch of odd looking things that you (most likely) need not worry about. When here, click the BlackBerry button, scroll down to Clear Log, and do just that: clear the log. This may take a few moments, just remember to be patient. Do this on occasion to remove any old logs that could slow down the speed of your BlackBerry.

Set SMS messages to delete automatically- Unless you're one of those people that hoards old conversations you've had with people, do this. Keeping the useless information on your BlackBerry just takes up memory that could be used on way more fun things. To do this go to Messages, click the BlackBerry button, scroll to Options, Message Display and Actions, then find the option Days To Keep Messages and switch to either 15 or 30 days.

Manually delete old emails - Just like for the text messages, you should rid your BlackBerry of old emails. You'll need to do this manually by either clicking the backspace button while highlighting an email, or highlight an email, click the BlackBerry button and then Delete. The reason for this is because emails generally contain large amounts of unimportant attachments that are just taking up precious space. If they weren't, the information would have been sent as a text, right? And those should already be set to automatically delete.

Clear browser history and cache - As you browse around the never-ending Internet on
your BlackBerry, it constantly is keeping track of old websites you've visited so you can easily return to them without having to type the URL in. Instead of collecting browser history, regularly delete it and instead add Bookmarks to your most visited webpages. When you have the Browser open, click the BlackBerry button and select Options. Scroll until you find Clear Browsing Data and check all the boxes that apply, followed by hitting the Clear Now button. I generally just check all the boxes, but History and Cache are the big ones to do.

Disable automatic Memory Cleaner - All this does is add an extra task for your BlackBerry to do while it's idle. It's not necessary because the benefits are minor. Finding this on different devices might be tricky, but on OS7, go to Options, Security, Advanced Security Options, Memory Cleaning. Keep the app Enabled but uncheck Clean When Holstered and Clean When Idle. Do check Place Memory Cleaner Shortcut on Home Screen, which allows you to manually clean up some random things when the time suits you. The app looks like paper going through a shredder. Obviously there may be other techniques that other BlackBerry bloggers claim to fix "all" problems. But honestly, I use every single one of these and I couldn't be happier about the results. Try them out for yourself, that's the best way to believe. When your other BlackBerry friends ask why they're falling behind in BlackBerry performance, you get to share the secrets and look even more awesome for it. Just be sure to tell them where you found this information!

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