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4 July 2015

MTN free browsing with simple server (UPDATED)


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I learns that we are facing some difficulties in surfing with the given codes in MTN free browsing with N0.00

» Either you bypassed through or you are using SimpleServer app, browse with a latest Opera Mini browser for the best result.
» If one MTN sim didn't work for you, make sure you change it to another MTN sim
» Android users should avoid open multiple windows and avoid using many browser apps at a time, e.g streaming with YouTube and at the same time switching to another app for chatting, your SimplServer will end up with no listening to port: 8080
» Always restart your SimpleServer whenever you detect that is no more response well.

Below are some current servers to use

PC users, just edit VALHDR0 and IQUERY in your
SimpleServer.ini with any of the below servers.
While Android users should edit: "Injection querry/
url and Injection Hos
Note: Test those servers one after the other and stay with the one that work best for you.  But remember no food for lazy man and never say never,because the moment you say you can't you won't  For lazy guys who can not do things for themselves, you can manage this server:
Enjoy while last long

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