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24 July 2015

Tips To Reduce Your Mobile Data Usage for your MB to last long


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The rate at which we surf the web these days is becoming higher than ever. Also, the speed at which data plans are disappearing is something to talk about. You will not want your MB to be wasted or consumed without giving you your desired results. In light to this, everyone wants to cherish their MB. What measures are you putting in place to reduce your mobile data usage?
Of course you might have your individual data saving strategy but you need to apply the ones outlined here. Feel free to adapt these tips for the specific data consuming apps you use frequently or your particular usage habits. No matter the methods you use, if the following five are not put into practice, then you haven't started yet. Here are the five easy tips you need in order to save your MB:

Let's say you are using Google Chrome browser to surf the web all the time, compressing the pages alone can save you about 30-35% percent of your data consumption for your mobile browser. Chrome pages compressing, which is now known as Data Saver in the settings, enables all web pages to be compressed before they are loaded into your browser.
Although Using Data Saver does come with its own disadvantages, one of which is slowing things down a little bit, you need it to save data usage. You don't need to worry about the speed as you'll sooner or later get used to it. To see your data savings record, all you have to do is to just launch Chrome browser, tap the three dots in the top right hand corner, and scroll down to Settings then to Data Saver. Watch the graph always to notice how your data savings grow.

For android users, Facebook has become one of the most used apps, leading to loss of data and even draining of battery. To save your data, replace it with an alternative app such as Tinfoil for Facebook which is simply a web app that displays the Facebook website. Even the Facebook Lite which we are made to believe reduces data consumption by 50% is not recommended because it still wipes hundreds of data monthly.

Surely, if you tell your apps or your device itself to restrict background data, you'll have done a great favor for yourself. Features such as email syncing, weather widgets, feeds updating etc. are examples of background data that you should disable because they use your data even if you are not actually using them.
In light to this, you can also adjust some settings on your smartphone to restrict background data in Settings > Data usage > Restrict Background Data. If you want to adjust the settings for a particular app, go to Settings > Apps. Note that this depends on the particular version of android you are using. To change your sync settings for Google services, go to Settings > Accounts > Google > select the account. When this is done, all you should do is to simply uncheck the services you don't want syncing automatically.

Google play apps updating is yet another factor that drains your MB. If you set the play store to automatically update apps, your internet subscription data will be wiped out without you even noticing it.
How then do you disable auto-update apps? To do this, simply go to the Play Store and have the left-hand navigation drawer swiped out. Open the settings and there is Auto-Update Apps at the top, then tap it. Ensure that it is either set to ''Do Not Auto-Update Apps'' or "only over Wi-Fi." For individual apps settings, go to My Apps, choose the app you want to disable and then tap the overflow menu to check or un-check Auto-Update.

If you are always streaming music and videos from Streaming sites such as YouTube, Vine and other video and music sites, then you are in for drastic data consumption because online streaming consumes data more than you thought. The best option for you here is to always download these files (music or videos) to your device.
You can also save the music for offline listening, if you are not the type that likes stuffing music or videos on your microSD card.

Note: if you can reduce to the least minimum your online streaming attitude, then you will save a lot of data usage and your subscription will last for you.

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