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26 August 2015

Glo cheapest tariff plan ever


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Its been a while for the domestic telecommunication network to pop up with a great and nice plan suitable and convenience to its subscribers to enjoy the network easily. Even though MTN subscribers have been enjoying their latest and cheapest plan. Globacom also unleashed their cheapest plan ever which will allow their subscribers to enjoy call at a lower rate.

How to migrate to the plan
Glo Gbam + is a tariff plan introduce by Glo  to enable their subscribers make call as low as 11k/sec to all other network equivalent to N7/min with a daily charge fee of N5 after making the first call.

>>dial *100*6*1# 

Its the best and trending plan for Glo now but i still think MTN BizPlus is better but i don't know what you will suggest with etisalat easy life 4.0
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