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25 August 2015

How to download android paid apps for free


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Some application in android phone are pretty much important and as a result it has some restriction because the full version of the app is not free but paid apps. Although we have discussed on how to install Google play store on blackberry 10 devices which is also a big fabulous to the bb10 users. Now the current issue on ground is how can i be able to install android paid apps on my phone without given a dime? the answer to the above question is pretty much easy and simple with the following steps.

  • Download and install getapk market here
  • Open Google play store app on your phone
  • Search your desired paid apps 
  • Scroll down and select share icon below the app already selected
  •  After clicking on the share icon, you will see a list of available apps to share including getapk market and select it (getapk)

  • After selecting the getapk market, another window will pop up, then select GET from the top right hand side of the window which will also open another windows as below to pick a mirror

  • Now click on the first or second link (as above) to choose your desired mirror
  • A short url will redirect you to a download page (as below)

  • Click on skip this ad at the top right hand side and your paid app will start downloading

Tell us either it worked for you and the issues you encounter via the comment box below

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