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30 August 2015

MTN best blackberry 10 devices data plan (subscription codes)


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For those using blackberry 10 devices lets quickly review the best and cheapest data plan suitable for your smartphones as compared to normal android and pc data plan and for the best blackberry data plan for the MTN network on which you think is the best.
Blackberry 10 data plan

monthly plan (maxi)
sms BBMAXIM to 21600 at N3,000 (1.5GB)

weekly plan (maxi)
sms BBMAXIW to 21600 at N1,100 (350MB)

daily plan (maxi)
sms BBMAXID to 21600 at N200 (50MB)

monthly plan (midi)
sms BBMIDIM to 21600 at N1500 (500MB)

weekly plan (midi)
sms BBMIDIW to 21600 at N550 (125MB)

daily plan (midi)
sms BBMIDID to 21600 at N100 (15MB)

monthly plan (lite)
sms BBLITEM to 21600 at N1,000 (260MB)

weekly plan (lite)
sms BBLITEW to 21600 at N350 (70MB)

daily plan (lite)
sms BBLITED to 21600 at N70 (10MB)

tell us which one you go for and what are the issues you encounter via the coment box below

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