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27 August 2015

MTN best blackberry data plan (subscription codes)


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Gone are those days when we subscribe for blackberry plan at N3,000 with single e-mail, even though the generation is now growing rapidly towards enhancing internet marketing. MTN also has the cheapest blackberry plan now compares to etisalat bb plan and airtel bb plan which is blazing daily.  
Now let's quickly look at the different categories of blackberry data plan available 
Daily plan
sms BBCDAY to 21600 (N100) [unlimited]
Weekly plan
sms BBCWEEK to 21600 (N500)
Monthly  plan
sms BBC to 21600 (N1000)
Quartely plan (4 months)
sms BBQ to 21600 (4000)
As you can see for the daily plan above is unlimited, where you ca download and surf the net freely upto 24 hours while the other packages are limited to a certain data cap. these are the easiest and cheapest plan for blackberry as of now.
which one do you preferred using and what  are the issues you encounter? let me know via the comment box 
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