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27 August 2015

MTN best data plans available to android and pc (codes for subscription)


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Without wasting much effort and time, lets look at the summary of all MTN data plan usable on pc, android and java phones applicable to web. Even though MTN data services has been fluctuating for a while as a result of the increased number of users in the world wide web.
 Here is a list of all data plans available and suitable to all pc, android and java phone devices.

 Daily plan
10MB at N100 code= *104# or sms 104 to 131
25MB at N150 code= *112# or sms 112 to 131
50MB at N200 code= *113# or sms 113 to 131

Weekly plan
150MB at N500 code= *103# or sms 103 to 131

Monthly plan
260MB at N1,000 code= *106# or sms 106 to 131
325MB at N1,300 code= *109# or sms 106 to 131
750MB at N2,000 code= *110# or sms 110 to 131
1.5GB at N3,500 code= *111#  or sms 111 to 131
4.5GB night plan (9pm-6am) at N2,500 code *102# or sms 102 to 131
4.5GB at N6,500 code= *129# or sms 129 to 131
7.5GB at N8,000 code= *101 or sms 101 to 131
4.5GB (1.5GB day=6:01am-8:59pm and 3GB night=9pm-6am) at N2,500 code= *120# or sms 120 to 131

which one do you think among this is suitable and cheap comparing it to that of etisalat data package and airtel data plans.

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1 comment:

  1. thanks a lot for all you've been doing to help us gain a free access to internet and more to be friendly with our device God will bless you,
    My question is this on some occasion you put something like :IP-AADRESS and on android phone there is nothis like that, what is ip address in android phone.