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22 September 2015

Etisalat free browsing with your android phone using openVPN connect


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I believe those who are still surfing the free etisalat browsing with just N50 are experiencing slow connection, then this thread is recommended for you as you cannot experience such again. Its another trick again for the etisalat to browse/download and stream unlimitedly with just N100 using there smart chartpack tweak  through the help of openVPN app, and kudos to those still enjoying free browsing with etisalat at N0.00 without interruption.

browse free with etisalat on wikiban blog
  • Registered or active etisalat sim card
  • N100 etisalat credit/recharge card
  • Android device
  • OpenVPN, download it here
Steps to configure the etisalat sim 
  • Firstly deactivate any chatpack service on your etislaat line by dialling *343*5*0# (ignore if you don't have any)
  • Then load N100 on the etisalat line
  • Activate the etisalat smatchat pack on your dialling using this code *200*3*3*2*1*1# (ignore if you have a daily service already activated)
How to configure your openVPN 
  • Download the openVPN profile setting here and store it on your memory card
  • Open VPN connect software you downloaded and from the menu, click on import to locate the setting.ovpn that you downloaded ealier and choose it
  • And finally enter the following connection details
username: vpnbook
password: s6EdUrak
Save and connect
minimise your openVPN and go to your browser with this url to test your connection


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