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1 September 2015

Simple & easy method to browse/download on MTN using simpleServer with N70 on android & Pc


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I know many people has been enjoying this free downloading/streaming with MTN using simple server for both android and pc using blackberry subscription which i was also surfing daily. One thing i love about this daily subscription is that you can browse and download all your music,  videos, softwares and many more without exhausting the data because MTN daily subscription is unlimited.
What you just need to do is sit back and relax and borrow me your attention so that i can easily guide you on how you can set up you simple server using both android and pc to enable you browse and download unlimited with just your N70.

Now lets get started with how you can set up your simple server on android and browse unlimited with just N70 and if you dont know how to subscribe, check here

Subscribe to MTN bblited for N70 by dialling *216*3*1#

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For android users
Download and install simple android server here
Create APN setting on your phone with the following configuration
  • proxy:
  • port: 8080
  • APN: 
save and make it your default setting
Now open you simple server and configure it as follows
On proxy host insert: or sometimes you will find it already inserted (as shown below)
On proxy port insert: 8080 or if found already, leave as default (as shown below)
Injection method select GET (as shown below)
Injection query/url, insert: (as shown below)
Injection host, insert: (as shown below)
Injection line: press the enter key 4 times (as shown below)

Now scroll direct to log level and select: debug (as shown below)

 After making all the changes close the config menu and press start to initiate your free browsing and make sure you internet data is on.

Note: Sometimes you might experience network problem, as a result the simple server will be stopping and you have to be re-starting it to make the trick going

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For pc users 
Download and extract simple server for pc here 
configure your modem with the following settings
  • APN:
  • proxy: leave it blank
  • proxy port: leave it blank
 Open the file you extracted using "run as administrator" the file is named "simpleserver.exe"
and always allow it open, don't close it.

configure your firefox as shown below
Now go to configuration settings for your firefox browser and choose options (with gear icon) as shown below
Select advanced on the left bottom and go to network on the upper tab. Then choose settings to open the network settings of the firefox, note: am using the latest version of firefox, depending on your version
And configure it to with proxy port 8080 like this (as shown below)
Press ok to finish up the settings and proceed to surf the net cheaply with your firefox browser

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For those using internet explorer you can configure it as shown below
Look for the gear icon at the top right hand side and click on it to choose internet options (as shown above)
 Select connections and scroll down to choose lan settings (as shown above)
Configure it to and port 8080 on the address and port as appeared above to validate the configuration and click ok to proceed

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Note: its recommendable to configure the internet explorer even if your not using it to browse because some applications uses the default configuration to connect to internet and if internet explorer is not configured, then you might likely face connection problem in the process

Tell us which one you uses and what are the problems your facing

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