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6 October 2015

How weak password expose our unsecure websites to risk


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Weak password are words or numbers that are easy to guess and easy to recover by unauthorized individual or an attacker like hacker, cracker, that want to illegally gain access to your information or valuable data and misuse them in a way against you.

weak password can be like i.e pet name, spouse name, sometimes nickname or birthday dates.

how weak password expose our site to risk

password that are weak can be easily guess using brute force attacks using password dictionaries, phishing and brute force software, attackers use all possible password and encryption possibilities until they crack the password to gain access to you valuable data, weak password expose you to data vulnerabilities, loss of confidential data and misusage of data.

Criminals create sites that are very sophisticated forgeries of real, trusted sites. they try many possible ways to make victim  visit infected and fake websites through sending them emails, social media messages to make you feel that is real,

Webmaster are becoming particularly vigilant to authenticity of websites. by using extended Validation certificates like SSL certificates to proof that they website belongs to them and isn’t a malicious or clone. Secure Sockets Layer certificates (SSL) are the foundation of website security. They provide the technology to encrypt data and the third party verification of they website identity.
website with element such as green address bars and padlock symbols and the address starts with https are secured and safe to give your credentials like logins details or perform any form of transactions with peace of mind.always use uppercase and lowercase mixed with numbers to make your password hard to be guess or crack by brute force attacks, always check padlock signs in the bottom of your browser, green address bars and address thats start with https, never respond to emailthat are suspicious or follow any link in it, use upto-date security software like antivirus, anti-spyware and install windows security update to make yourself safe against any latest threats.
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