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7 October 2015

Manual internet settings for all networks in android and java/china phones


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Many are using android phones and china phones and lots more of these recent devices which are not supporting automatic configuration from the network providers, this kind of phones really  requires manual configuration to browse or connect to the internet. So if you are really serious about it just follow the steps provided below to learn how to configure your network connection easily.
internet profiles

Well before proceeding on this guide on how to configure your android or china phone manually without waiting for settings from your service provider, you might want to know the exact location on where you can edit or create your own APN setting on your phone.

Usually for android devices

settings>>more network>>mobile network>>select sim>>Access point or APN

The above location is usually found on android devices but some device won't correspond to the above location mention, get in to settings of your android phone and look out for the option more networks or sometimes you will just see more.. immediately after the networks settings, then select it and you will see wi-fi, VPN, mobile hotspot, bluetooth and mobile networks which usually appear at the bottom, then tap on it to select your desired sim card on which you want to configure i.e when you are using dual sim smatphone but you if your phone is single sim then you will see something Access Point Names that is where you check your settings to create or edit access point to enable you browse using the settings listed below for all nigerian networks.

What has been discuss above might not be the result on some java phones or typically chinese devices because you have to look out for something data account either at the phone menu or in the phone setting to enable you configure it, sometimes you won't be able to find it in the phone settings nor the phone menu then what you just need to do is go to the phone browser and scroll down to the settings to check the configuration there and alter it where necessary.

some phones don't use data account but Access point so depending on the device you are using you need to make sure those settings listed below are properly inserted at right place in the right location.
MTN users
Manual Configuration Settings

Account Name: MTN Nigeria
Homepage =
Username = web
Password = web
Access Point Name or APN =
IP or Proxy Address =
Port = 8080

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If you try the above in your MTN but you are unable to achieve result then try sendind data on to 131 to enable your data from MTN server

GLO users
Manual Configuration Settings

Configure your glo line with the following settings

Account Name = GLO
Homepage =
Username = wap
Password = wap
Access Point or APN = glosecure
IP or Proxy Address =
Port = 8080

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I know for sure glo is surfing very fast, but sometimes this APN might not be suitable and you can substitute it with this: gloflat 

AIRTEL users
Manual Configuration Settings

Here is how to configure your Airtel device for internet access.

Account Name: AIRTEL
Homepage =
Username = Internet
Password = Internet
Access Point or APN = or
IP or Proxy Address =
Port = 8080

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On this airtel config, let me put emphasis for those using gionee smartphone, as result of interchanging your airtel line or restarting your device, you will find out that even when you open your data connection it doesn't work as a result of APN setting being changed because when you look at the APN setting you will find something like this which is not the right APN to be in place, so always check and make sure your APN matches the above settings

Manual Configuration Settings

Another great network, here is how to configure the internet settings manually

Account Name: ETISALAT
Homepage =
Access Point = etisalat
IP or proxy address=
Port = 8080
Username And Password = Empty

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I love etisalat because they don't usually restrict there APN setting and you can browse even when the required APN is not put in place

Save the Config and go to to test the connection.

Depending on the device you are using, you might be able to find many options  to insert in some field but leave all other ports empty. Its recommended to leave the proxy address as empty when configuring it on china phones.

Note: make sure u have data or credit in your account before testing the connection.

if you are using AIRTEL and you wanna test the connection and you don't have MB try this *141*13*1# Luckily you will b given 1MB and test your connection with it.
enjoy your Internet.

If you have any trouble let us know via the comment box below

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