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21 November 2015

Tips to maintain and improve the battery performance of your phone manually


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The actual rate of phone users is actually increasing now because of the recent introduction of new android devices with different battery capacity. Battery capacity and how to maintain it is one of the key factors to consider when choosing or buying a new smartphone. It isn't favourable for an expensive smartphone with little or smaller mAh battery. Many don't know what mAh battery means but best on quora explanation it can be said as
"The milliampere-hour (mAh) is one-thousandth of an ampere-hour and is a technical term for how much electrical charge a particular battery will hold. As an example, using higher mAh batteries in a device with constant electrical consumption will theoretically give you longer operating times".

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Well without wasting much effort and time, this tutorial is aim at giving out basic and important guide on how to maintain and make your battery long life by preventing and introducing some tips and tricks necessary.

Let me start by saying stop using china/korean chargers usually acquired in the market at a price of N200 or less because those chargers are fake actually with little or low voltage and it can impact your phone battery negatively by charging your phone slowly and making the battery to dry sharply. Always stick to using the original charger that comes with that particular phone model or else when using a market charger, note this point;
The charger most be 230V or 110V (mostly now a days they come in common as 110V to 240V) and always use the charger in 6A point only, don't use it on AC point (15A) or a water heater point.

Don't always be like one of my friend that is using blackberry smartphone where traveling with charger is becoming a hobby to him, all chargers are manufactured for indoor use only, so moving one area or place to another is not advisable because in the mean time you will tend to lose either the battery capacity or the charger because the semi solid material inside the battery will not be stable. Ask yourself this question, how can i be using multiple chargers with different voltage and still expect my phone battery to last? my friend i guess one original standard charger is fair-enough for your cellphone unless otherwise in emergency situation.

You are using your charger but you don't know the exact frequency of the AC voltage, try to make sure that it is 50 Hertzs and the output voltage and the Amps is matched with your mobile phone.

Many people tend to believe that frequent usage of the phone is what kills your battery, yes certainly it does, but not only that because even improper use of charger is going to make your battery dead or unsuable.

You may not agree with me on this but don't always charge your battery fully when in travel because that's the reason why batteries are shipped with half charge and when at indoor use always unplug the charge from the wall outlet when it says full charged.

Try as much as possible to avoid charging your phone in UPS, Inverter, Car, Power banks unless otherwise you know what kind of voltage breaker circuits they use. try keeping you mobile phone in normal temperature, don't keep it on your car dashboard or place where the temperature is extremely high and try to put the phone in offline/aeroplane mode when charging to avoid unnecessary frequency.

Let's consider some fact that are still under research about do's and don't of your phone battery;
  • avoid international call from unknown numbers because it's just a possibility of sending DTMF codes to mal-function your mobile, but this isn't confirm yet.
  • Avoid using wi-fi when charging, because it's believe that wi-fi signals has the capacity of conducting electricity as they are wireless, they may induce electricity and short circuit.
  • Use antivirus software, because there is also a malware, or bug, found in some android-based smartphones that can cause explosions by exerting extra pressure on the motherboard during charging.
  • Keep away your smartphone from object like tubelight, MicroOven, Speakers etc
  • In cold seasons, the battery will drain rapidly, so in this situation you have to keep your phone in a warm place
  • While in travelling, your mobile phone will keep on searching for signal and towers, so that time your phone will drain faster, to overcome this is to switch off to offline/aeroplane mode 
Am still wondering those using bulged battery, bulged battery is a sign that your battery is dead and you have to consider the alternative for replacement in due time so as not to damage your phone. Some smartphones do run some background applications even when the phone is in standby mode such as whatsapp and others which will consequently result in draining your battery UN-necessarily and eat away your RAM and phone memory, in this case, i recommend using application like Advance Task Manager or Killer to help kill some background application.
3G/4G consumes large battery power, so use it only when needed, or be on 2G network always to save battery, to some android phones it comes as WCDMA (3G) and HSDPA (2G).

I cannot tend to end this post without saying little about display, because is one of the major part which consumes large power, use minimum brightness to control it, some phones have automatic brightness control, nothing to worry in this case, have the minimum light time-out to 20 seconds.

Lastly, in order to help improve the battery performance of your phone, try to stop or reduce using animated themes and screen savers which is consuming much ram and power but take static themes and wallpapers as alternative.

Do you some methods to help improve battery performance of your device? Lets here you below via the comment box
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