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12 March 2016

Check out the First Truly Nigerian E-mail Address


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Despite the fact that Google is now the best in terms of both search engine and e-mailing services doesn't stop our dear to introduce the first and best Nigerian E-mail service. I know some are aware of the recent development but many don't know about the emergence of this newly Nigerian E-mail service. 

The interface was perfect and good and much more simpler that other e-mail services which is also a perfect way for starters to start sharing their ideas through one of the nigerian best news portal site. I know most of us use Google mail, yahoo mail, hotmail and other mail services but it is also good to patronize our home made e-mail services.
nigerian no 1 truly e-mail service
As you can see i have already start using the mail services both for personal and my blog address. The mail can be access on your mobile devices, smartphone, and/or Tablet PC for convenient anywhere. You can also get free 2GB mailbox size for starting point subject to unlimited increment for active use of the service.

Getting started to use E-mail service

To get started just open your browse and go to
and create new account with them..

you can also contact us via for support and other inquiries relating to your mailbox problems. so far how can you rate this development..

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