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7 April 2016

Another MTN 600MB for N60 to browse and download unlimited


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Its no longer news that browsing is becoming more expensive and scarce like fuel in this country as a result of the exorbitant rate of data. Recently MTN upgraded there system and corrected many security flaws among which also renders our BBlited browsing trick abortive, you can no longer browse unlimited with bblited after the initial 10MB given as usual. Well, as of now everything is becoming so scarce and our alternative is reducing but still we can enjoy the browsing using MTN musicplus, don't be suprised as you might enjoy up to 600MB for just N60 to surf the web easily and cheaply.

get 600mb for 60 on MTN musicplus

Since musicplus is the only cheapest alternative available now, lets see how you can get 600MB for N60 splitly into N15 for each 150MB and how you can browse with it on PC, Android and Ios device.

Back then before, we use to subscribe for music+ to get free 150MB but recently MTN changes everything in the sense that one has to be charged N15 for 150MB to browse weekly.

How to subscribe for music+ of 150MB @ N15

MTN is not gonna give you 600MB for N60 directly but indirectly, which means you can subscribe for 150MB @ N15 and browse with it and after exhausting it, you can cancel the current plan and re-subscribe again to be given the same 150MB at the same amount.

here is How to..

sms C to 5900

you will be requested to reply with YES to activate the service

reply with YES to 58001109 and 150MB will be given to you after deduction of N15 

when the MB was exhausted,

sms cancel7c to 5900, this will cancel the current service and

sms C again to 5900 to get another 150MB

Indirectly when you do this four times you get/use 600MB for just N60 easily and you can continue doing it hundred time because its whats trending now...

Note: If you can subscribe, make sure the amount in your account balance is not N70 or more because when the airtime in your account reaches N70 or more and you request for this service then MTN is going to charge you N70 instead of N15, so always maintain below N70 in your account, and when the 150MB was exhausted, MTN is not gonna temper with the amount in your account balance until you re-subscribe again.

Basically, you now know how you can get your 600MB for N60 easily or more and how to activate the service but the problem is now how to use on your PC, Android or Ios device. 

here is how to..

For PC users

Well for PC users this is so easy just download the modified simple server HERE and configure your browser and if you dont know how to configure your browser check HERE

For Android Users

This trick is easily usable with Netloop VPN (Formerly Simple Android Server) with the following configurations..

First and foremost you need to create a new APN on your phone with the following configurations
  • Name- MTN
  • APN-
  • Proxy-
  • Port- 8080 
If you don't know how to create APN check HERE

after successfully creating APN then you can proceed to configure the Netloop VPN with the below settings
if you dont have netloop VPN download HERE

Launch it and tick Enable Proxy
>> Proxy host:

>> Proxy Port: 8080

>> Enable header tweaking

>> Choose tweak type: Injection

>> Inject query/url:

>> Inject Host:

>> Injection line: press enter 4 times

>> Now go back to the android simple

server main menu, and tap “Local server settings”

>> buffer size: 8092

>> Concurrent connection: 10

>> Go to log level and select “DEBUG”.

Click Connect and flex till you exhaust your 150MB

For IOS users

Iphone/ipad users can also rock the 600MB for just N60 by using OpenVpn to connect and surf the net cheaply..

here is how to..

download OpenVpn HERE or on your itunes store
After downloading the OpenVpn you need to download the config file (.ovpn)
Download the config file HERE
Import the file by extracting it to the .ovpn and connect
where the application ask you to put username and password, you can simply use this

username: vpnbook
password: binbd5ar

sometimes you wont need the password to connect but just in case use the above credentials

with the above settings i believe you can now easily enjoy your 600MB for N60 and if you encounter any unnecessary issue, you can complain via the comment box below

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