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10 April 2016

Best MTN Data Plan To Go For This April 2016


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From last year to this year we experienced so many changes on MTN network regarding data plan service. Different cheapest data plan introduced by MTN and some other tricks and cheats generated online to assist in surfing the net easily has different variations and method. Today i just want to list out some different internet data plan this April which i believe will be suitable for one person or the other, depending on what you use the web for.

Are you movie downloader addicts, online movie viewer, online studies and research or just social networking addicts, i believe whatever types of activities you engage yourself on the web these different categories of internet data plan that am going to list will be suitable for your online job one way or the other this April.
best data plan available for browsing this april 2016

MTN has introduced different internet data plan this month and we are also anticipating much more cheap plan on subsequent month. Without any prejudice lets observe this underlisted different categories of plans.

Are you a Guru Downloader?

Well i guess if you are in that category you must be a download addict person that always download heavy files from the internet ranging from movies, softwares, Antivirus and many more heavy files online. My recommendation for you here is to use the MTN unlimited daily Plan.

About MTN unlimited daily plan

MTN unlimited daily plan is a daily internet data plan introduced by MTN at a cost of N150 which gives you access to the internet and allow to stream, download and surf the net 24 hours without any fair usage policy. It is  compatible with any internet accessible device.

This unlimited daily plan is not supported by all MTN sim cards but some selected line among, you will be eligible while your friend is not, so if you are also among the lucky ones lets see how you can subscribe.

How to subscribe 
To subscribe for the MTN unlimited daily plan simply dial


Reply with 1 to activate for just N150

If you are eligible for the service, you will receive a successful message immediately but if contrary you will be mark as ineligible subscriber. I believe if you are eligible for this plan, it will easily suit your downloading needs.
the other alternative to this daily unlimited data plan is the MTNbblited which is currently not working at the time of this post because MTN has blocked it but you will be notified in due course when suitable data plan was introduced to compete with the present one.

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This MTN daily unlimited plan is the only available plan suitable for heavy downloaders on the web or otherwise you can opt in for the paid plans HERE 

Are you an Online researcher, News Reader or Social Network Addict?

I can say strongly if you are in this category then browsing its not gonna be a tough time for you because you consumes less data than the first mentioned category. Many are online to just do their assignment, solve minor problems, carry out a research work, chat on social media or read news about the current affairs of a certain phenomena, in that case am happy to introduce to you MTN music+ for easy browsing and online reading article.

About MTN music+

MTN music+ as many of you already know is an MTN value added service which gives its customers a certain amount of data to browse through the music portal of MTN and download music at a cheap data rate.

Let me not be much on this because many already know how music+ works, it gives you 150MB for just N15.

to know the rest and how to browse much with it go HERE

i strongly recommend music+ because its the best tweak data plan this april 2016

In this juncture i believe whatever you do around the web is gonna rely between those two categories and i think these listed plan is much more gonna help in surfing the net cheaply this April 2016.

Stay tuned for more cheapest data plan of every network each month.

If you dont wanna miss any of our upcoming post on the best data plan available kindly click HERE to subscribe with your email address and also dont forget to check your inbox for confirmation.

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