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12 April 2016

Does MTN deduct Your Money Always? Here is How to Refund


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So MTN is deducting your airtime unnecessarily since 19th century and you dont know what to do? eh? I bet its over now. Are you not surprised why over 2 million subscriber dumb MTN this year, challenges are too much and the company is facing many roadblocks including unsolicited messages and unnecessary charges by them. Today i can give you my insight on how MTN refund my deduct Credit.

You know when you load a recharge card, you receive a message about some charges you did not activate or you don't even know about sometimes you won't receive a text about a deduction and when you lay a complain to their customer, they keep narrating super stories.
if MTN deduct your credit here is how can make them refund

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You can't imagine after loading 400 in my account around 8pm i can't find a single kobo in the morning nor any alert message regarding the deduction. If it happens you are also a victims of such baseless deduction then you are on the right track solve your problem i.e. to make MTN refund your deduct credit. if actually the deduction is baseless, not of any origin or there is no justification to that deduction, then they must refund.

How to Refund your MTN Airtime

Its simple just call the NCC contact centre by dialling 


You can call NCC contact centre from monday to saturday 8am to 8pm, you cant reach them on sunday or national holiday.

The toll number is free, you are not going to be charged and they can answer your call immediately without wasting much time.

They can ask you so many series of question regarding your line and if your allegation proves right, the complain is going to be forwarded to MTN and your problem is going to be solved within 24 hours.

Its simple just 622 and you are done with MTN, not even MTN any other network in nigeria.

Now tell us how did it goes with you and NCC via the comment box below

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