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22 April 2016

Get Awoof 4GB data free on Etisalat to Browse Unlimited


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Am sorry this is coming so late but many are blazing up there 4GB data on the etisalat network. Since yesterday etisalat server has been giving out 4GB of data to lucky subscribers amidst this era of data scarcity. For those that are lucky, they are flexing there 4GB data on the etisalat network and for those that are not even aware, let me disseminate the logic to you now in other to join the queue of those still blazing.

Last two or three weeks, MTN give out 4.5GB and 7.5GB unintentionally and i believe now its the turn of etisalat, we are still waiting for the other networks security flaw to enjoy such magnificent free data.
Free etisalat 4GB of data
this particular trick is not involving imei tweaking or subscribing to a certain service in other to get the requisite data but for lucky subscribers who will try and try there best till they have won. the data works perfectly on all kind of smartphone and PCs and the speed was marvelous.

How to get Etisalat 4GB free

Simply dial *8186# or *8186*1#

How to check data balance

simply dial *228#

Sometimes when you dial the code you will receive a response with "operation failed" kindly keep trying until you received a successfull message but sometimes you won't receive a message just check your data balance and the data will be rewarded to you.

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Hurry, no harm in trying as its still blazing

Many have already gotten there's what are you waiting for? you may be among the lucky ones.

Best of Luck

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