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11 April 2016

Simple Guide to Know Who always Visit Your Facebook Profile The Most


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Are you so curious to know who always is glued to your facebook profile? or suspecting someone spying on your timeline and personal information? this tutorial is for you as you can be able to know who view your profile most often.

The method to know who visit your profile most is not provided by facebook or its associate as it is a backdoor method to know who always visits your profile. Facebook is the largest social media network now in the world and everyone has much friends in his profile so who you always expect turns out to be negative on the result.
method to know who visit your profile the most
Lets get started on this to know who always visit your precious profile on facebook most often or who you are connected to always as he likes your post or comment on your topics.

Step By step Method to know who always visit your profile

  1. Go to your facebook profile
  2. Right click on your timeline and choose view page source 
  3. you will be directed to a new page with lots of HTML codes
  4. Hold CTRL+F on your computer keyboard
  5. A small text box will appear at botom right corner
  6. Now, inside that box type  “InitialChatFriendsList” (Don’t include Quotes)
  7. It will get you to that code immediately
  8. next to that code, you will see a list of numbers like this 100011773590059-2, these numbers signifies the profile ID of your friends
  9. Just go to and paste the ID number with a "/" sign  as prefix
  10. for example if the ID number is 1234 then go to the address bar of your browser and insert this "
  11. the first ID shows the one who visit your profile most often while the last ID never visits your profile.
It works on a computer browser or any other phone which you might be able to view your source code

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Does it work for you, let us via the comment box

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