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22 May 2016

Double your Airtel Data with FreeSurf on SmartSpeedoo Package


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Well for the benefits of all Nigerians I actually look into this as to make things easy in times of browsing and other things regarding to internet, so I will like to discuss about one special offer know as free  surf.
Airtel as one of the great network providers in Nigeria introduced a new plan known as FREESURF which I actually think its good for people like me and you as the rock the internet at the cheapest and affordable amount of money.
FREE SURF: offers values to customers without any upfront commitment.
When customers browse the internet without a valid data bundle, they do so on the PAYU plan. The PAYU plan is expensive as customers are billed at N50/MB of {5kobo per KB}. This expensive for the customers and leads to lack of interest in browsing the internet for a long time.

When customers with valid data bundles that browse the internet runs out of their data bundle, such customers are immediately moved to PAYU plan. In this case, the risk is that the customer loses its airtime to data usage. This shock is known as Bill shock. The traditional way of preventing bill stock is to consistently monitor your data allowance and the validity of the bundle.

FREE SURF offers a solution to this problem. It is designed to encourage the customer to browse the internet without any upfront commitment and bill shock or concerns of spending so much on data plan. 

         I.      No need to buy a data plan.
       II.     No need to remember any USSD code once activated.
     III.    No need to be bothered of finishing the data bundle.
     IV.     No need to monitor your data allowance and validity period. Once your data plan is expired and there isn’t any money to renew, FREE SURF takes over giving you good browsing rates until your bundle is renewed.
       V.     Customer does not suffer bill shock whenever the data is exhausted.
     VI.    As you use more, you pay less: the more you browse the cheapest it becomes.
   VII.    Customer is in control of their own data spend; they don’t have to commit to huge sums of money to pay for any bundle.
 VIII.   Never pay expensive PAYG rates.
     IX.   The customers  gets free data bonus once they attain certain data usage marks as follows
·         Customers gets 10MB when they use upto 10MB.
·         Free 50MB when they use upto 50MB {incremental 40MB usage}
·         Free 100MB whenever you use 100MB (incremental 40MB usage)milestone.
·          Customers gets up to160MB FREE on FREE SURF every month.
                                           ADDITIONAL       ADDITIONAL   TOTAL USE
Use data (MB size)          10MB          40MB         60MB            160MB
Get data (FREEBIE)         10MB          50MB         100MB           160MB
Browsing rate                 N10/MB      N5/MB        2.5/MB

Its very simply just dial *141#
Then reply with “2” without quotes to are good to go

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