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10 May 2016

Enjoy Facebook For Free With Airtel Network


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Airtel in partnership with facebook and internet.org now allows you to browse through facebook and chat for free. this is really a nice development because if you are a facebook addict like me here who cannot be able to go through a day without login in, then i think Airtel is the solution to your problem. If you don't have airtel line i advised you to grab one even for temporary use and for facebook purposes.

You can actually login to your facebook without paying dime using internet.org affiliation partner with Airtel, If you don't forget the purpose of internet.org is to bring free browsing all over the world and now you can notice that by browsing through facebook for free using Airtel Nigeria. We hope and anticipate in the upcoming 3 to 4 years that we can start enjoying everything related to internet for free.

Well the only restriction on this free version of facebook is that the interface will not load and show you photos i.e. you cannot view photos or videos on the free edition of facebook by airtel but you can post, comment, like, share and/or chat with your friend on facebook and do so many amazing things you ought to have already doing.

How to browse on Facebook for free using Airtel 
Just use the address below always and you will remain online forever


Enjoy chatting and viewing your newsfeed for free 

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