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11 May 2016

Finally WhatsApp is Now Available On PC and MAC


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At last, whatsapp if finally available on PC and MAC, no need to go through a whatsapp web or chrome or firefox, what you just need to do is to download the executable file and install it on your PC and enjoy. Whatsapp recently enrolls the desktop version  of its messenger and i think this is a great and nice improvement as windows and MAC users can now enjoy the full functional features of the service.

The only bitter truth about this new development by whatsapp is that the application only supports windows 8 and higher which consequently disallow windows 7 or vista users from enjoying the messaging service. This is also a great opportunity to make windows 7 users upgade there PC to windows 8 or higher in other to enjoy the fascinating features. Not only windows but also MAC 10.9 and higher is supported.

How to download whatsapp for Desktop

Download it here (61.5MB) 
Install and Run
Make sure you have a good internet connection
Scan QR Code and you are Good to go
download whatsapp for pc and mac and chat

Well whatsapp is now taking over gradually and only God knows in the few coming years what will happen

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