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12 May 2016

Fix: Whatsapp Installer has Failed. There was an Error While Installing the Application


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With the realeased of whatsapp version for PC and MAC i know many users have already download it and enjoying its work. I just noticed that some windows users are finding it difficult to install the App and when they try to do so, a message of this pop up: Installation has failed. There was an error while installing the application. Check the setup log for more information and contact the author. 

As you already know its of recent that whatsapp launched the desktop version of the app and this new version of desktop app does not support voice call and nevertheless it is just a wrapper for the web version as everything is similar with the web version even though it is limited to only windows 8 and 10 but however you can be able to install whatsapp on windows 7.

WhatsApp Installer has failed. There was an error while installing the application

there was an error while installing the application

If you face this kind of error when installing whatsapp on your PC, then that means your windows system is not compatible to run whatsapp desktop App because your PC is not a 64 bit operating system but 32bit. The latest Whatsapp version for PC is only released to 64 bit operating system and if your system is a 32 bit operating system you can consider changing it to 64 bit operating system to enjoy the whatsapp for desktop.

However Another similar problem is hardware issue, if your PC is old and does not support 64 bit architecture, then you can't enjoy whatsapp for the time being because there was no official information on the released of whatsapp for desktop 32 bit operating system but we hope in the mean time a version for  32 bit operating system will be released.

Tell us how does the desktop app goes for you

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  1. AbhijithMay 12, 2016

    i too had the same issue, but its resolved after running as Administrator.. thank you..

  2. I used the application in win 10 in 32-bit computer, but a week ago it stopped working. Yesterday also stopped work on another computer 64-bit. I decided to install it again, but the message "Installation has failed". And I run as an administrator, and I tried on both computers, and I checked possible cyber attacks ... the matter is I can not install it again.

    1. Possibly the installer has expired, i recommend going back to there website and download a fresh installer package

  3. I have 64 bit and it is still not working.