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9 May 2016

Google New Education Program to Learn Basic Computer Science & Programming


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Nowadays if you are computer illiterate you are completely loosing it in the technology world and i know many people who are highly influenced either in the academic sector or government parastatals but doesn't have a computer literate knowledge. Technology, precisely computer is taking over the world gradually and in the meantime computer will be everything to anyone and anything in this planet if care is not taking.

Google as the best search engine not only gives you result to your querries but also decided to teach basic computer science and programming in other to build you self and have a good idea of where you are heading to in the tech industry.

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You can now learn basic computer education introduced by Google if you are beginner and also to participate in academic career opportunities for the gurus in the field. Don't you think this is a great effort despite the fact that there are many online website which you will learn computer and programming. What you just need is an available internet connection and make your self a computer literate in a short while.
Learn to code easily by visiting there dedicated education site below
Learn computer science by Google

Just go and select the students section to make yourself available at the computer school by Google.

in the upcoming 10-20 years i know everybody will be computer literate and getting connected to each other will be just an easy task using the power of technology.

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