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12 May 2016

How to Install Whatsapp on Windows 7 Easily


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When Whatsapp released the desktop version of its Messaging App its obviously clear that only windows 8 and higher will support the desktop app which is quite disheartening as there is many windows 7 users which cannot be able to enjoy. Well after considering and checking the limitation on windows 7 i come with a conclusion of which it is quite possible to use whatsapp on windows 7 easily without any trick and tweak. Some users are facing the problem of Whatsapp Install error which we discuss the fundamental problem to such and the underlying solution to it.

You can now easily install whatsapp on your windows 7 without affecting anything and changing anything on your PC or the app itself.

How to Install Whatsapp on Windows 7 

  • First and foremost just point your browser URL to this page
  • download the whatsapp installer package for win 10 and 8
  • double click and run the install App, after few seconds the whatsapp shortcut will appear on desktop and on start menu
  • After running the app make sure you have a good internet connection and scan the QR Code on your mobile whatsapp to connect it
  • Once connected you can start chatting but it does not support voice call yet
  • when someone messages you it shows a red overlay icon in the taskbar just like the skype for desktop works
  • the only thing that will not work is toast notification which is only available in windows 8 and 10 and that not really a big deal

how to install whatsapp for PC on windows 7

Note: the most important thing is that make sure your windows 7 is running 64 bit architecture or else it shows you and error

Now tell us if you are successful in running whatsapp on your windows 7 PC 64 bit architecure.

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