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16 May 2016

How to Stop GLO and AIRTEL Auto-Borrow Me Credit Service


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Sometimes you may be the one to activate certain services which at the end of the year you will regret doing so and because you don't care, you don't even know how to deactivate or cancels such services. Glo and Airtel Auto borrow me credit is important but somehow annoying and discouraging sometimes, because is not anytime you may need credit there is a certain time you don't have credit and don't have the intention of borrowing from your service provider.

One of the implication of Auto Borrow me credit is anytime you recharge the Network will keep deducting your credit for settlement of the debt and its really disgusting because whenever you will recharge, you have to make provision for such deduction.
how to stop glo and airtel auto borrow me credit

Now in this tutorial we will just look at the method to use on how to cancels such services, Glo and Airtel are the network providers that are rendering such services and we will take a look at the deactivation codes below.

How to deactivate Airtel Auto Borrow me Credit Service

Simply Dial *500# and press 1 for Auto borrow me and select deactivate or cancel to stop the service

How to deactivate Glo Auto Borrow me Credit Service

Simply dial  *321# and press 1 for Auto borrow me and select 2 for cancelling the service

you should see a successful message informing you that the service has been stopped.

NOTE: Deactivating or cancelling the service doesn't stop you from borrowing credit again you can read also on how to borrow credit on all nigerian networks

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