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17 May 2016

How to Submit your Site/Blog to Facebook Free-Basics


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Now i think its your time to turn your blog into something wonderful by exposing it in the world through the help of and facebook free basic program. Free Basic program is an Open source program by Facebook that will bring you free internet service in your locality without spending a dime.
As you all know that Airtel is presently partnering with facebook in providing free internet service to nigerians and other african countries and its really a nice innovation but somehow controversial, because many are critising that the act of bringing free internet service will destroy net neutrality, well lets allow this argument for those that are expert on the field.

My objective here is just to guide you on how to submit your site/blog to free facebook basic program so that users on the service can enjoy visiting your site/blog with there airtel line for free. yeah thats what i mean you can submit your website/blog to free-basics facebook programs like the wikipedia, and other sites that is already on the list and this will allow users to browse through your site for free but its really not a simple job.

Benefit As a Content Publisher

Content Publisher can really enjoy the benefit of that service because its like a source of open traffic to your blog, imagine getting an audience of 1,000 to 100,000 within a month, you can't really predict how much audience you will get from Africa, Asia and Latin America that uses the facebook service for free.

saubmit your site on facebook free basic

If you own a website or blog you can just join the free basic platform by adding your app, blog to free basic platform which in turns provide people free internet access to visit your site and other relevant online content beneficial to them.

Benefit of Adding your website to Facebook Free-Basics Program

There are many benefit attached to this particular program if you add your site to this particular platform, it can help grow or increase your audience by providing affordable access to your services and improve your ranking position on the global net service, there is also a scale of social impact to your social media, as we know you can't underestimate the power of social media and its a really a choice to improve your marketing activities in a shortwhile by providing affordable service to your online marketing tools.

Don't you think that the early the better for you to establish your brand mobile market and with over 100 million people visiting the internet daily with there mobile devices is a key opportunity for you to make your business visible to the world so that you can have a fastest-growing business environment.

What You need to Have Before Submitting your Site to facebook Free-Basic Program

Compatibility Issue

The goal of the Free Basics Platform is to provide people with a set of free basic services that will serve as an onramp to bringing them online. More people will want to connect to the internet and ultimately become paying users if they first experience the benefits of being online. To do this effectively for people who are new to the internet, it’s important to have content and services available that are useful and easy to use, to enable as many developers and entrepreneurs as possible to participate in Free Basics, and to offer services that encourage the exploration of the broader internet. you can check more on the compatibility issue here: Compatibility check guideline

This is some of the services not supported on Free Basics video files, VoIP, file transfers, and high-resolution photos (which will be truncated if larger than 1 MB). You can help your service pass this stage of review by limiting your service’s bandwidth usage.

One thing you have to put in mind is that make sure your site is not relyinh on javascript and if so you can be able to secure a working CSS script to make your site navigation simple, Build your service to be mobile compatible and Optimize for feature phones.

How to Submit your Website or Blog to Facebook Free-Basics

To Start just follow the Guidelines step to prepare and submit your service at Free-Basic Submission

add your blog to facebook free basic program now

After Submitting, Facebook will review your entry, and if approved, your content will be live on Free Basics for millions of people to access the world over.

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