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16 May 2016

Offline Google Translate App for Iphone and Ipad


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Iphone and Ipad Users can now start to enjoy the Google Translate App that works offline on there device. Before, every iphone user knows that in other to use the Google Translate you must first connect your Device to internet in other to enjoy translating languages. Google Translate version 5.0.0 can now let you download a language pack and install it in other to use it and translate offline without the need of an internet connection.

Let me explain that in details, you can download the Google Translate App from Itunes Store and after Installing it you can use it online in other to translate anything you want, if you want to use it and translate it offline then you need to download what we called 'Language Packs' For each language that you want to use offline. That language pack contains all the words and sentence you want to translate to or from another language and there are almost 52 languages now available on Google translate. You can easily download the most frequent language pack you always want to be translating and enjoy the software offline.

how to install google translator offline on iphone

How to Use Google Translate on Iphone and Ipad

Download the Google Translate on Itunes Store Here
Check the languages Available for offline Translation Here

After Download the App you can easily download the language Pack and Install it on your Phone in other to enjoy it offline.

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