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17 May 2016

Some Hidden Benefit of MTN StartPack Promo Plan


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things are now going smooth and normal to subscribers as one of the greatest telecom's providers introduce the must suitable and favorable plan for the benefits of Nigerian telecom's users, this plan will enable you to Get 6 Times Bonus On Every Recharge and this plan is known as MTN StartPack Promo Plan, i do believe that i recently make a very good article on that, but if you do missed it clik here to know more about the plan, as for the benefits of Nigerians, am fully committed to look for the best possible way to enjoys telecommunication services in the country.

as a result of that i actually make a comprehensive research on MTN StartPack Promo Plan  based on how to use that very plan and enjoy it more in times of making call and also to browse at the cheapest possible way via that newly introduced plan, so i would like to share my out come with you fellow Nigerians to simplify telecommunication issues we are facing.

so notwithstanding let quickly at at the out come, so you all know on that plan  you can get 6times your recharge as soon as you recharge N100 you get N600, you recharge N200 you get N1,200, you recharge N500 you get N3,000 you recharge N1000 you get N6000.


  • Recharge your sim card with any amount of money
  • dial *123*3# to buy data 
Note: you can only buy the data with your normal balance, as its not possible for you to use the bonus account to buy data but to make call and  this data can be used for both browsing and sharing

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