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8 June 2016

How to Cancel or Stops Auto-Renewal of Data Plan on MTN, Glo, Etisalat & Airtel


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Data renewal is a good thing on the other side and also bad thing on the other hand, as you know before taking any vital decision, the benefit to be realised has to put into consideration in favor of the decision-item in question. Auto-Renewal of data plan mostly annoys internet users because some subscribers are not actually ready to go for the designated data plan again. Etisalat is also among the networks that activate the automatic renewal of data plan as soon as the existing data has expired or exhausted.

Activation of this automatic data plan annoys subscribers very much because some subscribers are not actually ready to re-subscribe again for the data and the network will deduct your money and gives you another data but nevertheless auto-renewal of data is important to those people who don't always disconnect there device online and always have airtime in their account. If you are the type that always get connected online and perfom some important job or transaction, then auto-renewal is important for you because your data will be renewed when its exhausted and which will also save you from unnecessary airtime deduction.

On the other hand if you are a part time internet user and don't always get online, then this post is certainly for you because when you buy data from MTN, GLO, Airtel and/or Etisalat, auto-renew policy is automatically activated on the plan in the essence that whenever your data is exhausted and there is avaliable airtime on your line, the network will automatically deduct your credit and renew your current data subscription plan which is actually absurd to a part time internet user.

how to stop airtel mtn glo etisalat auto renew data plan

Now lets see how you can cancel or stops data renewal on MTN, GLO, Airtel and Etisalat network easily.

How to cancel data Auto-Renew on MTN

Simply sms NO to 131

How to cancel data Auto-Renew on Glo

Simply sms Cancel to 127

How to Cancel data Auto-Renew on Etisalat

Simply sms STOP to 229

How to cancel data Auto-Renew on Airtel

Simply sms  STOPAUTORENEW to 440

Don't always forget to cancel your data auto-renew whenever you subscribe to a data service in every nigerian network

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