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9 June 2016

Simple Trick to Delete all Your Facebook Messages at Once


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So you are also part of the victims that want to clear out there Facebook inbox at once without deleting each conversation after the other, well this guide is certainly for you. Most at the times i want to delete all my outdated messages like that of 2009 and 2010 which are old enough to get rid of. Basically there is no any official way to delete all your facebook messages at once, but with the help of a little trick you can easily and simply do so. Some of the benefit of clearing out your facebook inbox to reduce your account spam messages and easily navigate through your recent messages.

Some disadvantages of deleting your inbox messages is for reference purposes because it can be used against you or any party as part of evidence or reference when so required.

Now lets see how you can delete all your facebook inbox messages


How to delete all facebook messages at once 

  1. make sure you have google chrome browser on your Pc, if not download from the above link
  2. download this chrome extension 'Facebook - Delete All Messages' and install the extension on your chrome browser
  3. Log in to your facebook using the Chrome Browser and go to your messages
  4. Now click the extension icon at the right top corner of your browser and details on how to use it will be visible to you
  5. Finally, Click 'begin delete button' to delete all your facebook messages with a single click after confirming a pop up dialog box
  6. Now you just delete all your facebook messages with a single click easily

how to delete facebook messagess at oncce

You can now see that with this simple trick you can easily delete all your facebook messages at once without suffering your self to delete the conversation one after the other

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