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24 July 2016

Introducing The Latest GTBank SMS Banking which allows you to Perform Transaction using Mobile Phone


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As i used to say, development is coming in every section and part of every sector as a result of technological improvement and advancement in both telecommunication part and banking sector which is welcomed development, why because it simplify activities and field of solving issues, example of this development in the telecommunication field are rampant as you can Chat with MTN customer care LIVE to resolve your queries, so also in the banking sector you can Chat with GTBank Customer Care online to Solve your Banking Problems.

GTbank introduced another convenient way of solving inquires and also performing transaction via your mobile phone using SMS this new development is called "Bank on the go", The new GT SMS Banking allows you operate basic banking services through your mobile phone via SMS messaging, so also with this new SMS Banking.


Using this latest SMS banking you can:
  • Check your account balances on the go 
  • Request for Account Number Confirmation 
  • Subscribe to GeNS 
  • Balance Enquiry 
  • Purchase Airtime 
  • Reset Internet Banking Password 
  • Block your lost, stolen or compromised card
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Please note the following while using Gtbank SMS banking:
  1. Use your telephone number that is registered with the bank Any request sent with the wrong format or from the wrong mobile number will return with error messages. 
  2. NUBAN - Nigerian Uniform Bank Account Number and is usually in ten digit 
  3. 08076665555 is the only number you can send your account details to so take note of this (Please be aware of scammers)


  • For Airtime Purchase: Send “Network Amount (NUBAN Account Number’) to 08076665555 
E.g MXX 1000 0123456789 to 08076665555
  • For Balance Enquiry: Send “Balance (NUBAN Account Number).” to 0807666555
E.g Balance 0123456789 to 08076665555

  • For Account Number Confirmation – Send ‘My Account’ to 08076665555
E.g My Account to 08076665555

  • For GeNS subscription: Send “Gens (NUBAN Account Number)” to 08076665555
E.g Gens 0123456789 to 08076665555
  • For Internet Banking Password Reset – Send ibank (NUBAN Account Number) to 08076665555 
E.g iBank 0123456789 to 08076665555

  • To block your lost, stolen or compromised card - Send 'HOTLIST ( NUBAN Account Number) to 08076665555 
E.g HOTLIST to 08076665555



  1. Safety: Safe and secure means of banking transactions 
  2. Convenience: No more queues in confirming account balances 
  3. Accessibility: This service can be accessed from anywhere in the world and you can perfectly use it even with the absence of your ATM card

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