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26 August 2016

Another Etisalat Latest Unlimited Browsing With Psiphon VPN App


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Just a little while i have posted on how to enjoy Glo free browsing using both psiphon and tweakware and i know many are rocking now. Am happy to inform you that there is another Etisalat latest unlimited browsing and download again using some different proxies and now i guess you have the alternative of selecting either the Etisalat or Glo free browsing cheat available to you amidst this time of data scarcity prevailing the country.

As you all know that you need to get a registered etisalat line with zero balance to enable enjoy this tweak and also to make sure that the 3G connection in your device is working and is also stable.

Now once you have the following requirement in the above paragraph then lets proceed on how to configure our etisalat line to browse free with psiphon. and also don't forget to leave your APN setting to its default.

How to Browse free with etisalat using psiphon

Download the Psiphon VPN and configure it as follows
Tick Remove port
Proxy type: Real host
Proxy server:
Real proxy type: HTTP 
Real proxy port: 80
After that, tap on OPTIONS and select UNITED STATE as your region, then go to your MORE OPTIONS, and just untick Connect through an HTTP Proxy
Finally, hit the START or CONNECT button

It will connect in a minute or so. Then start blazing and feel the blazing speed that etisalat offers. So far so good, it has been working flawlessly "without disconnection". 

We noticed this latest etisalat 0.00 cheat is data capped at around 55.99MB but you can start over again and exceed the data cap by clearing your Psiphon data and cache inside the application management of your phone, then replace with in new setting.


How To Bypass The 60MB Limit

Once it stopped, to keep flexing with the tweak, clear your Psiphon data and cache (via your data usage), then replace proxy sever with any of the below;
Proxy server:
Proxy server:
Proxy server:
Proxy server:
Real proxy type: Inject
Real proxy port: 3128

Chill and enjoy

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