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18 August 2016

Check Your Ecobank Account Balance Via USSD with Ecobank Quick Balance


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Financial Institution are also not left behind because they offered one of the most important and complicated services in the world, you know having a money is one thing while taking measures to keep from unnecessary distraction is another thing. No matter how this technological world has improved and enhanced we can't really feel nice and great if the Banking Industry doesn't provide an easy way to process our transaction smoothly. Sincerely some transaction like checking your account Balance, paying your bills, buying recharge card and many others doesn't need a stressful method to execute the transaction, because we tend to use such kind of miscellaneous transaction regularly.

In this article we can just learn the code on how to Check your ecobank account balance easily by just dialing some USSD code from your phone in the comfort of your room  without going to the bank or visiting an ATM Machine near you.

Benefit of Ecobank Quick Balance

1. It is very simple and easy to use
2. It works without internet connection
3. It works with any type of mobile phone
4. The number is short and easy to memorize
5. It works every day and every night 24/7

How to Check your Account Balance with Quick Balance

Just Dial *326*0# with the phone number registered to your account and linked
how to check your account balance with ecobank

Note: N5 Transaction fee applies.

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