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20 August 2016

Etisalat 2GB for N1000 and 5GB for N2000 Evening, Night & Weekend Data Plan


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Some are enjoying the Etisalat 1GB for N200 Night data plan but let us all welcome this another data plan that is usable only in weekends and evening recently introduced by Etisalat. This plan was actually a perfect match for office workers that doesn't get time to browse but at night only, because the data plan is only usable from 7PM in the Evening to 7AM in the morning of the following day and also on Saturdays and Sundays. What this means is that you can subscribe to a 2GB data plan of just N1000 or 5GB of just N2000 but you cannot browse with it on the day but only at night and you can browse all day with it on Saturdays and Sundays valid for 1 Month, that is why i said it is actually for office workers that don't have time for internet on the day but at night and weekend.

Well as for my fellow blogger and internet addict i can recommend you try the free Latest Etisalat Browsing using Psiphon on day and then use this on night only.

Oh! i forget to tell you that the data plan is merge with a complete Whatsapp subscription that you can chat all day, yes i mean you can whatsapp your friends all day for a month already included in that subscription for both the 1k or 2k.
2GB for N1000 and 5GB N5000 evening and night data plan

Etisalat 2GB for N1000 Plan

This offers 2GB worth of data at N1000. The browsing time starts from 7PM to 6:59AM every day and the whole day on weekends (Saturday and Sundays).

To subscribe for this plan, dial *229*3*12# and it valid for 30 days which is one month.

Etisalat 5GB for N2000 Plan

Another brand new night data plan from Etisalat is the N2000 for 5GB bundle which offers customers the flexibility of data usage as you can enjoy evening, all night and weekend browsing including free 100MB usable for chatting on WhatsApp for one month period.
The night plan starts from 7PM till 6:59AM the next day and at all day browsing every weekend for complete one month.

To subscribe, dial *229*3*13#.

what do you think about this plan Guys

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