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18 August 2016

Face Off Comparison Between Blackberry DTEK50 Vs Blackberry Priv


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You all know that the era of blackberry Classic devices are actually over, gone are the days when you can't be able to browse with your blackberry phone without subscribing and if you can remember that subscription for blackberry devices was actually 3k. Well let mi not dig out the memories of Blackberry smartphone in other to avoid giving stories that touched the heart. Android was the worst enemies of blackberry and it punch blackberry OS devices out of the field like Floyd Mayweather which in turns make the Company joins the line in producing Android Smartphone.

Blackberry, when producing there Android Based-Smartphone has lay more emphasis on security making there phone as one of the most secure and private device one most have. Both Blackberry DTEK50 and blackberry Priv are high-end smartphone with a lot of amazing features even though Blackberry Priv is almost a year old in the market. Now lets see this face off comparison between the blackberry DTEK50 and Blackberry Priv and you gotta decide which one to go for and why.

Differences between Blackberry DTEK50 and Blackberry Priv


BlackBerry DTEK50: 147x72.5x7.4mm, 135g, microUSB
BlackBerry Priv: 147x77.2x9.4mm, 192g, microUSB

The Blackberry Priv is 5.4in display makes it bigger than the DTEK50, and it's almost 183mm in length when fully extended. That size doesn't necessarily make it cumbersome as the keyboard can be used with one hand, but at 192g it might be a little too heavy for some.
blackberry venice slider

There's a lot to like about the Priv's keyboard - if you have small fingers. It can even be used as a makeshift trackpad with its swipe functions.


BlackBerry DTEK50: 5.2in 1,920x1,080 resolution
BlackBerry Priv: 5.4in 2,560x1,440 resolution

Sacrifices need to be made somewhere for a device that costs almost half as much, and the DTEK50 loses the beautiful QHD AMOLED display found on the Priv. The DTEK50 opts for an IPS LCD panel instead, but both should be praised for their deep blacks and punchy colours.
difference between blackberry dtek50 and blackberry priv

Operating System

BlackBerry DTEK50: Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
BlackBerry Priv: Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, upgradable to Marshmallow

For better or for worse, the Priv marked BlackBerry's move away from the firm's BlackBerry 10 OS. The DTEK50 and Priv are both Android devices, but they retain at least some of the BlackBerry software magic that gives them their hardened security edge.

The DTEK50 and the Priv benefit from monthly security patches, although BlackBerry has remained quiet on the subject of product support lifecycles.

Processor (RAM)

BlackBerry DTEK50: Hexa-core Snapdragon 617, 3GB of RAM
BlackBerry Priv: Octa-core Snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB of RAM

You're not going to see particularly incendiary performance from either handset, and that's despite the Priv using the more powerful Snapdragon 808.
difference between blackberry dtek50 and blackberry priv

The devices are fairly evenly matched in day-to-day performance, so these average benchmarks shouldn't dissuade potential buyers who favour security over speed.


BlackBerry DTEK50: Rear 13MP, f/2.0, dual-LED flash, 8MP front-facing
BlackBerry Priv: Rear 18MP, f/2.2, OIS, dual-LED flash, 2MP front-facing

The Priv may disappoint in terms of front-facing camera technology, but we don't think selfies will be high on the agenda of the typical BlackBerry aficionado. However, elsewhere it storms ahead with powerful 18MP Schneider-Kreuznach optics and optical image stabilisation.


BlackBerry DTEK50: 2,610mAh
BlackBerry Priv: 3,410mAh

The Priv has the beefier battery of the two. Those numbers don't lie either, as under tests we found that the Priv lasted almost two days compared with barely one for the DTEK50.
difference between blackberry dtek50 and blackberry priv

The Quick Charge 2.0 standard is supported on both BlackBerrys, but we fear the DTEK50 will rely on it more than the other.

Storage (Memory)

BlackBerry DTEK50: 16GB, microSD slot
BlackBerry Priv: 32GB, microSD slot

The DTEK50 draws the short straw when it comes to storage capacity with just 16GB, but both phones can be extended up to a maximum of 2TB.


BlackBerry DTEK50: £275
BlackBerry Priv: From around £399
blackberry dtek50 and blackberry priv

The DTEK50 was always supposed to be a mid-tier device, and the price pretty much confirms this.


Neither phone can easily be mistaken for a BlackBerry, but you could argue that the Priv with its slide-out Qwerty keyboard comes nearest.

If a physical keyboard is top of your wishlist there's only one logical choice here, and the recent reduction in price also makes a strong case for the Priv. The DTEK50 is just a little bit 'meh', while its predecessor at least has something about it and has a stronger specs sheet.

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