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14 August 2016

How to Disable Password Reveal Button in Windows 10


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I know many of you are aware about the password reveal button that is available since the inception of windows 8, in a case whereby you have typed your password but you are not sure that what you type is correctly, you can easily press the password reveal button at the end of the password text field to verify what you typed and make sure that the password you entered is correct. It has an eye Icon at the end of the password text field and as i may consider it has some advantage and also its disadvantages at times because if you type your password and you forgot to press enter, someone might just click and view your password without your knowledge which is quite disgusting and annoying. 

In other words it may be an opportunity for you to customised your windows that will suit your need. This tutorial is aim at guiding you on how you can remove this password reveal button for Extra layer Security and to make sure that no one will press this button to reveal your password.

How to Disable Password Reveal Button Using Registry Editor

  • Open Registry Editor
  • Go to the following Key
  • If you did not find the key "CredUI" then right Click on the windows key folder and create a new key named "CredUI"
create a subkey credui

  • After finish creating the Key, Create a 32-bit DWORD value named DisablePasswordReveal. Set its value data to 1 to disable the password reveal button.
how to create a disablepasswordreveal registry key

  • This will disable the password reveal button on your windows sign in screen and on microsoft edge and internet Explorer
  • To Restore Back to its normal Mode, Delete all the changes you have done above
  • enjoy!!!
Lets hear you on the comment below if you encounter any other issue

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