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19 August 2016

How to Download, Set-up and Use Google Duo Video Calling App


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A little while after google announce its Video Calling App called Google Duo, now the app is actually available both at the Google Play Store and App Store of iOS you can now download and enjoy making frequent call to your love ones using the new app. Below i can just show you how to set up and use google duo for the time to make call to your friends. Google instead of making it email accessible, they have just put a phone number on which you can authenticate and connect to your friends even if you don't have an email, you can make call to your contact who have the app install and set up or more so you can invite them to install the app if they don't have it.
how to set up google duo and make call

How to Set up Duo Video calling App

  • Open the App
  • Agree to Google terms and condition for the App
  • If you are running Android 6 Marshmallow you have to accept it one by one at a time
  1. Allow Duo to take pictures and video so that the app (and whoever calls you) can see you.
  2. Allow Duo to record audio so that the app (and whoever calls you) can hear you.
  3. Allow Duo to access your contacts so that it can see which of your contacts are on Google Duo and who you could invite to the service.
  4. Allow Duo to send and view text messages to that it can send invites to your contacts and so it can see the verification code you'll receive in a few steps. 
  • Now Enter your Phone number to be used with the Duo App
  • You will receive a verification message confirming the ownership of your phone number (just like Whatsapp)
  • Now your Duo is ready to use

how to make call with google duo

How to Make Call With Duo Video Calling App

  1. Tap the Video Call
  2. Select the person you want to call or type a phone number that is registered and search for it
  3. Duo will automatically call your contact, making your video visible with knock knock
  4. Make sure you have a good 3G connection
  5. Enjoy making calls

Configuration Settings for Google Duo App

Go to Google Duo settings by tapping the three-dot menu in the top-left corner of the app's main screen and selecting Settings.
setting for google duo

  1. If you don't want the people you call to see you before they accept the call, you can slide the toggle for Knock Knock off.
  2. By default, the setting to limit mobile data usage is on, knocking down the video quality when you're away from Wi-Fi, so if you want full video quality this is where you can enable it.
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Enjoy your App and tell us your experience using it

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