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17 August 2016

Latest Glo Unlimited Browsing and Download Via Psiphon and Tweakware V3.4


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As you all know that we have been rocking the glo N0.00 browsing and downloading with tweakware before and experiencing some hook ups then we are back with great settings and less stress that will enable you to continue surfing the net easily. i don't like to talk much on this because there is a statement that says "action is more louder than voice" so let me just get into action and show you how to browse unlimitedly with your glo sim card with zero balance.


  1. A rooted or unrooted Android device
  2. A glo sim card with zero balance
  3. Psiphon pro Lite Handler
  4. A good 3G internet Connection
Now Configure your phone APN to this
Name: GLO
APN: glo3gvideo
APN type: Tick Default & Supl
All other field remain empty

Now download your psiphon pro lite handler and set it as follows
Tick Remove Port
Proxy type: Dual Real Host
Proxy server:
Real proxy type: HTTP
Real proxy server: leave it blank
Real proxy port: 80
Now tap on Save.
Goto Option => More Options and Untick every box
After that, go back and select Region as United States or United Kingdom and tap on Start to connect.
It will connect within 1 to 5mins. After its connected, start browsing as you like

Alternative Method using Tweakware V3.4

Download tweakware and install it on your phone

Configure it as follows
Go to Settings => Bundle Settings => Select Bundle Settings and tap on NG GLO 0.0.
free browsing using glo
After that Go back to the Tweakware homepage and select Free Server if you don't have a premium account then use the below usernames and password to surf unlimited

1. Username wikiban
Password wikiban

2. Username Umariswan
Password Umariswan

3. Username Wikiban001
Password Wikiban001

4. Username kingbasics
Password kingbasics

6 Username Alambato
Password Alambato

7. Username Success
Password Success

8. Username Mydiamond
Password Mydiamond

9. Username Izunobi001
Password Izunobi001

10. Username Benquick
Password Benquick

Just connect and enjoy but make sure you have a good 3G connection

update: Lates etisalat free browsing with psiphon now

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