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15 August 2016

Solution to Windows 10 Booting to Blank Black Screen


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Windows 10 is definitely new to our systems and sure will come with some hitches of slight or major incompatibilities, Recently we discussed some major flaws and problem of windows 10 anniversary updates and some solution therein. Another issue on wndows 10 is the  occasional booting to a blank screen. Below, I present the perfect solution if your newly upgraded or installed Windows 10 computer or laptop boots to a blank screen, not responding to any key, lest giving you a chance to login.

You know its really weird when you are in a hurry and want to do something preety much important but your windows keep showing you blank black screen immediately after booting up the PC.

Why blank screen?

Well, without much of the tech talks, whatever causes it may have to do with display drivers. It happens to my upgraded laptop each time it downloads and installs some updates. But the step described below will solve it.
how o fix win 10 black screen boot up

How to Solve Black Screen on windows 10 Boot up

When the computer boots to the blank screen, and not progressing, simply tap the POWER BUTTON once. Just a press and release. Don't press down. The tap is sufficient to shut down the computer. Which means after the tap, wait till your computer shuts down. Once off, tap the power button again to restart the computer. And this time, it will finish the booting. Repeat once more if not solved and twice is enough to solve this.

Hope this little tweak solves your problem

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