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7 September 2016

Opera For PC has Now got a portable Installer


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Today, Opera developers announced a new nice feature. The ability to install Opera as a portable app was added to its installer. Portable apps have the benefit that they do not store settings in the Registry so the same set of settings can be used across different Windows PC or different Windows installations on the same PC. Once downloaded, you can simply run the portable app's EXE. The app does not need to be installed.

The revamped version of the Opera Installer now supports a portable installation mode. When you run the portable installer, it extracts a standalone version of Opera to a location specified by the user. By default, it detects removable drives connected to your PC and suggests to use one of them as the destination location. See the following screenshot:
opera has got a portable installer version

Interested users can try the new installer by downloading it from the following location:

As of this writing, this new installer is an experimental feature, so it has arrived only on the developer channel. Once it is polished, it will be rolled out for stable and beta channel users.

Do you think the portable setup of the Opera browser is useful? How often do you use portable browsers? Tell us in the comments.

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