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19 October 2016

4 Things Why I Love ES File Explore And Why Should Too


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ES File Explore is for sure almost anyone using Android has it and many use it as one thing, i.e. Navigating their SD Card files but to be sincere is not only file manager, its more than that, it has a lot of many tasks to do. Own a best android smartphone, then you must have ES Explore installed.

A part from knowing how to backup your APK's, transferring files between devices or to PC, extracting zip files, or hidden stuffs, there's a lot more other things to perform with, especially when we dig deeper.

The below are those tasks that kept me using ES File Explore in any Android that i own or recommend someone to buy

The 4 Things

Batch Uninstalling of APK's

You got a bunch of unwanted applications that you want removed them at once, then ES File Explore might handle this path all you have to do is Navigate apps library, then mark the one you wish and tab on dustbin button. That's all.

Unistalling Pre-Installed APK

Bloatware's sometimes are becoming like junks, or you think it can cause annoying having them on your phone more especially if you are looking for a space, removing them is no doubt will be the solution. To do this, tab on options and enable Root Explore, and delete the system apps you want.

Deleting Pattern Lock on Android

I know how red you might go when you set up a pattern lock and you suddenly forgot it, but lucky you, if the screen is ON just simply open you ES File Explore and navigate to
Local> Data> System and delete a file called Gesture.key

Access FTP Host Files

May be not to you but to people like me (a blogger using WordPress or static websites) will love this fact, you can access your FTP files through ES File Explore and start editing, uploading, downloading or whatever. Just head over to Network > FTP > and insert your details.

That's it! Did you know anything about ES File Explore or have any tutorial about it? Please use the comment box below to state, it will be highly welcomed. Thanks.
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