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17 December 2016

How Long An Article or Blog Post Must Be


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How long should each blog post be? This is one of the most controversial question that’s always trending online by bloggers. Well, as I can say there is no official answer to the above question, but we can rely on some concept of probability and assumption about how long an article will be. This is a myth that many bloggers are arguing about because how long or short one write article determines the objective of the blog.
Now we can look at some benefit and problems attached to both lengthy and short articles to help one decide on how to write article on his/her blog and the one that is of most beneficial on the blog in use.


Writing blog post of about 1500+ words are the lengthy blog post some will consider because it will provide all the details required to the topic in discussion. Now let’s outline some benefit of writing a lengthy content;

Benefit of writing a long blog post.

SEO: search result is one of the factor that one has to put into consideration when composing a suitable blog post. SEO is everything to blog/site because it determines or ranks your site exposure to the search engine, which will then yield traffic from search result.   Writing a lengthy blog post will definitely perfect your SEO and make the blog/site gets indexed fast by search engine.

Simplicity: Long blog post usually explains information in details that will satisfies the audience reading it, hence they wouldn’t be required to ask a lot a questions in the comment. All the ambiguity aspect of the post will definitely be discussed in a lengthy blog post.

Professionalism: Writing a good comprehensible long blog post will make the blog audience know that one is professional to what he is doing, and that will also fetch some returning visitors because anything is nailed down in detail.

Traffic: Once a blog is getting indexed fast by search engine, the blog will keep getting huge traffic from search engine result page (SERP). Definitely, every blogger is after traffic and that is one nice way to get easy traffic, i.e. by writing lengthy content.

Disadvantages of Lengthy blog post

Timeliness: Writing a lengthy blog post usually takes time and effort because one has to undergo thorough research of the topic to discuss. The longer one is gathering information, the lengthier the blog post will be and hence it take a lot of time to make a good comprehensible post.

User Engagement: A blog with lengthy blog post usually, don’t have user engagement because a well known research shows that most web users don’t read blog post word to word. As a result, the post will not be shared much and one can’t get enough comments on the post.

Frequency: Lengthy blog post always take a lot of time to compose, hence that will limit one’s post frequency making it to compose just few post in a week or month.


A short blog post is a post that contains something less than 400 words. A blogger can decide to post short blog content depending upon his reason and the niche that the blog is operating. Most new blogger nowadays don’t tend to write long post as a result of insufficient knowledge on how SEO is evolving.
Now let’s look at some advantages of short blog post and to derive a conclusion.

Advantages of short blog post

Frequency: A short blog post writer can make up to 5 post a day because the content is too short, hence it will be written with much ease without sufficient details.

Visitors Commitment: Visitors that usually visit blog site that post short articles are likely to be committed and engage with comments and other stuff like sharing and liking the post.

Effortless: Short articles are actually effortless because there is no enough formatting as a result of insufficient text and that makes it very easy to compose and publish.

Problems of Short Blog Post

Zero SEO: Most short blog post doesn’t have a good SEO because the words on the post are not enough to rank it higher in the search engine result page (SERP).

Decline in Traffic: When SEO is zero, then there is certainty that the post won’t get rank higher in search engine and hence, the blog will not get much traffic from search engine.

Ambiguity: Most short blog post contains some information that are ambiguous and that will make readers not to understand what information the writer if trying to pass.


After considering the above mentioned points on both short and lengthy blog post, one should understand that writing a post depends upon the audience interest. You can write a long post to get a good rank from SEO and receive huge traffic but you will definitely lose user engagement. It is also pertinent to note that most web users don’t read blog post word to word, hence they just scan it and go, which makes it important for a blogger to make a post with headers, subheader, listing and other elements that break your post into pieces which will be suitable for skimming and scanning. The final decision is yours, depending on your interest and your audience interest.

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