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7 December 2016

How To Keep Your Blog Articles Safe From Scrappers


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As Blogging is progressing in the field of internet technology, it is vital to consider some black hat bloggers which relies on other people articles to survive or feed their site. It is important to know who content scrappers are, what they do? How they do? And how you can get rid of them in other to make our online article 100% accurate.
Online activities is becoming more competitive as many passionate developers, webmasters, bloggers are now coming in to existence with so many potentials, and the ability to play smart is success from your end, no matter how you twist or change someone’s else work, definitely there is going to be some differences and thanks to the sophisticated search engines available that are penetrating and detecting plagiarism in a systematic and simple way. Now lets get to know who content scrappers are.

Who are Content Scrappers?

Let me just say it in a layman’s word that scrappers are those so-called online users that take someone else work and make it their original work without attributing credit or taking permission from the original author of the article. Don’t forget to put that in mind; even if you change the words or sentence of someone else article, it still belongs to him and you are just stealing content elsewhere.

What Content Scrappers do

Some content scrappers are trying to act smart by copying articles and change some phrases and paragraph in such a way that will convince the reader that what he/she is reading is accurate and original, that’s exactly what smart scrappers do, and some others just copy directly without changing even an alphabet letter irrespective of word.

How they do

Some content scrapper will observe and monitor your sites performance secretly right from the initial state of your site to the level they think it is deem fit for them to grab your content and make it theirs.

Suggested Solutions to Online Content Scrapping

Right before giving a solution to an identified problem, it is pertinent to know its background details and information regarding the issue in question so as to give a suitable solution to the problem stated that’s why we can give you details about who content scrappers are, what they do, how they do, I believe after knowing the above stated facts you can check below for the suitable solution to online content scrapping once and for all:

Submit a DMCA Complain with the Search Engine

When you detect any online publisher masquerading the right of ownership of content in his/her site, and you know for sure that you’re the original owner of that article, you can easily file a DMCA Complain with Google giving them details about which content was stolen, what site or blog is doing the stealing and don’t forget to share your contact information with them to assist in the process of retrieving your content or requesting further clarification, you can also attach your signature to mail or fax them in other to fast track your request.

NOTE: Don’t file a complain if you don’t actually own the content because you might likely pay for court damages for infringing some else work.

Create Links within your content that’s point back to your site

When writing an article it is important to include backlinks that points back to your site within the contents sentence or phrase because some online scrappers usually copy directly without checking and that will help you curb some of them and report their sites.

Always Include Footers in your Blog Post

Footers are very important in writing blog post because it is actually stating your site or the author name at the end of your post, and usually most scrappers that copy direct contents usually include footer in the copied article and that will send back a link to your site and also help you in detecting them.

Always Write your Site Name inside your Article

I know this is very rare but it is also essential because when you always write your blog/site name in a post then there is tendency that the article theft won’t read them all and even the readers can easily get to know the original owner of the article.

Disclose Online Scrappers in your Blog/Site, Forum & Social Medias

When you get to know even if it’s a single person that steals content, you can write a post about them make people know them and their site so as to avoid visiting their site for quality purpose and if many bloggers are engaged in doing so, imagined the number of online article scrappers that will be listed out.

Over to You

Im sure by applying the above procedures it will surely kick those scrappers out of your way. Have another way that you think I missed or which of the above ones really works for you? Please use the comment below to state them and will respond you. Thank you. 
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