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5 February 2017

How To Block a Topics You Hate In Facebook News Feeds


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Sometimes you just have to dodge a certain Facebook without feeling guilty to your friend by blocking or removing someone as a friend, which is not official not allowed on Facebook to bypass those annoyed thing but lucky you, if you are using Chrome browser, there is so called Blissfully a free chrome extension that works exactly like what we said above. If there’s any word or phrase that you want to omit in your Facebook News Feeds, then this extension will handle this.

It let you choose a topics to omit from your News Feeds and those posts won’t show up at all its works like Blacklist, for instance if you’re tired of hearing politics opinions or maybe you followed someone that’s sharing adult content, Just simply type the word or the phrase and you are done.

The extension only works while you are on Facebook and using Chrome Browser. When you install it click the Blissfully icon in your toolbar then just type word or phrases and make sure to break apart to encompass the entire topic you’re trying to block.

For instance, If you don’t want see Donald Trump in your News Feed, it might be better off typing in “trump” instead of “Donald Trump” Often stories don’t necessarily don’t include first names so that topic might still appear. This rule is situational, though.

Here you have it, toy around with your word and phrasing to achieve your desired filters and make sure to refresh the page for changes to take effect. If have another way that you are sure can handle this please use the comment below and state it and keep in mind that excessive page editing via Chrome extensions slow down the Facebook website. It could use up more memory on your computer. So use it wisely.
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