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12 February 2017

How To Stop a Website From Poping Up a Notifications


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Now that “Show Pop Notification” seem to be another culprit while browsing, when you visit a website especially News and shopping sites, you’ll see a pop-up telling you that the website want to show notification on your desktop. Indeed this is a great feature to we web owners because it also a source to generate traffic. But what if you (reader) found it annoying and want to block such in the feature or already subscribed and want to revoke the permission, here in this article I make a detailed steps to follow in order to disable that.

Google Chrome

Lunch your Chrome and go to Setting under the browser Menu. When it pop-up click the Show Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page and then click the Content Settings button under Privacy

Scroll down till you comes to Notification and then select Do not allow any site to show notification.

The website you’ve already gave them permission will still display that pop-up unless you revoke the permission. To do that you simply click on Manage Exception under Notification category, then you’ll see a list of permitted website to show notification, and then revoke the permission on the one’s you don’t like.

Opera Desktop

Go to Menu which is at top left hand corner or simple press Alt+P, when it brings a new page, simply click on Websites which is at the right panel

Scroll down carefully and you’ll see Notification then “Do not allow any site to show notification”.
To manage your permitted website, click on Manage exceptions and revokes all or the one’s you don’t like.


Once you lunch your Firefox then type the following about:config in the address bar, you’ll be warn but don’t worry just click on “I will be careful, I promise” move on.

When it brings the new page, type notification and it will bring some options. Carefully look for this dom.webnotifications.enabled and double click on it to make it false, then close you browser.

IE or Edge provides no way to escape that entirely and prevent a site from showing or asking you to show notifications. All you have do is to click on NO when a website need such permission. You can revert the setting if you change your mind in the feature. Have another way or got error on your way please use the comment box below. Thank you.
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