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25 June 2017

Master guid on How to flash Sony Xperia E4 Dual E2115


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Due to some errors and corruption of system files on android devices, most phones do have problem like hanging on logo, restarting and some times it possess the problem of auto starting of WiFi, auto starting of Bluetooth, data auto starting and installing apps automatically which is actually annoying and it causes about inability to use android device comfortably however some time its we actually faces the problem of forgetting password or pattern lock or what ever you call it on your language register.

well as today i will like to discuss on Xperia E4 dual E2115 problem so as to proffer solution to the main problem we are having on that very device so as to enjoys and rock the world of communication with the phone, because many have such problems but they have no way out to solve this problem especially the issue of password, well if you happen to be a victim of such and you are good in the field of technology(capable of using computer) you are on the right pattern toward solving your problem

As you already know the drill, your should at least have 70% charge on your phone before starting this activity and also backing up your important files are essential such as music, videos, photos and other relevant data that you don't wanna miss but if in case you can't be able to back up your data or the phone is not booting then just take a deep breathe and proceed with the flashing process below.

Requirements for Flashing or Upgrading Sony Xperia E4 Dual E2115
• Sony Xperia E4 Dual E2115 device with good battery charged
• Sony Xperia E4 Dual E2115 Stock ROM Firmware its be tested Download here
• Sony Xperia E4 Dual E2115 Flash Tool Download here
• Sony Xperia E4 Dual E2115 USB Driver Download here
1. Download all are required from above links
2. Unzip to any path you want from Zip file,
3. install WinZip in your computer
4. Copy E2115_24.0.B.5.14_RU.ftf
5. then goto drive C:\Users\Name\.flashTool\firmwares
6. and paste Stock ROM copied above
7. Open Sony Xperia Flash tool which is located at
C:\flastool then click on flash Tool it may take some time to open on the area marked bellow and then Click on fastboot.

9. then you can see the Rom pasted by you in C:\Users\Name\.flashTool\firmwares

10. Click on Flash button and wait until second windows opened.

11. Press and hold Volume Down button and Insert USB cable in your phone and wait for the driver to install.

12. Wait until the process complete
Congratulations your phone is error free.

Note: do not disconnected while device in flashing mode to avoid bricking your device.



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