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26 June 2017

MTN GoodyBag Social


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MTN everywhere you go is really sticking to it promise and serving their customers full time  and this has brought much joy and happiness to our homes.

MTN GoodyBag Social

This plan is for people who just want to chat and keep in touch with their friends on social media platforms like Facebook , Whatsapp , 2go , Twitter and Eskimi. This plan not recommended for heavy internet users.

Facebook Weekly For #25 : Text FBW to 131

Facebook Monthly For #60 : Text FBM to 131

Twitter Weekly For #25 : Text TWTW to 131

Twitter Monthly For #60 : Text TWTM to 131

Eskimi Weekly For #25 : Text ESKW to 131

Eskimi Monthly For #60 : Text ESKM to 131

2GO Weekly For #25 : Text 2GOW to 131

2GO Monthly For #60 : Text 2GOM to 131

Whatsapp Weekly Bundle For #25 : TEXT WAW TO 131

Whatsapp Monthly Bundle For #60 : TEXT WAM TO 131

WeChat Weekly Bundle : TEXT WCW TO 131

WeChat Monthly Bundle : TEXT WAM TO 131
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