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30 August 2016

Ideal Lean Protein Shake


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I suppose that most of the readers have stumbled upon the blogs or websites dedicated especially to sports nutrition and food additives. As a rule, to make a proper and truthful article or review, an author has to experience all the characteristics of the product by itself. A body has to take hundreds of protein shakes or other supplements towards the reveal of the actual effectiveness of a certain product. From the other side, such brands as GNC Lean are quite safe while one can consume a poor quality nutrition resulting in adverse consequences.

The reason why the present article begins with such a lyrical recitals is simple – we should appreciate the efforts and sacrifice of those who attempt to seek out the best and most effective way to optimize the weight for any type of a body. And it is almost impossible to find an ideal shake. However, it is not the truth. Such product does exist according to its brand name. Meet a protein powder under a pompous name Ideal Lean.

You Deserve It

I have to frustrate the male readers because this supplement is not intended for the men. Nevertheless, nobody prohibits you from buying and using this shake if you find it acceptable to your diet. But let’s keep to the line and learn the information step by step.

The main emphasis of this product is made at its peculiarity amid the numerous products of this category. Let’s be honest and confirm that the largest share of the market is taken by the male-oriented shakes packed with the bigger amount of nutrients. The physiological characteristics of a woman body do not require such set of calories and sugars that are a regular value in the most sports nutrition brands.

Therefore, the IdealFit Company made a decision to quit the general trend and focus on a particular niche. Ideal Lean has become an outcome of this drastic solution. An experienced user may not notice some distinctions at first glance. The shake does provide enough protein in the amount of 20 grams. The caloric content is lower than the average value but it is not the point. If you look at the other nutritional values, you will be surprised or even puzzled. No fats (especially trans fats), no carbs, no sugar, and no dietary fiber can be found in the label placed on the product’s package. The content is really impressive considering the intended purpose of the product.

Is It Ideal?

As a rule, I prefer to avoid such loud statements but this case seems extraordinary. At the same time, some users may find the content a bit raw while it is not fortified a lot. Nevertheless, we should not forget that the aim of any protein shake is to supply the source of amino acids and not to be a substitute for a wholesome food.

Besides, such simple set of ingredients does not mean that the product is tasteless. Get prepared to another surprise because the shake is available in six flavors including Cake Butter, Pina Colada, Chocolate Coconut and others.

Naturally, building an opinion based on the promotional resources is not smart. To fix this we should look at the feedbacks of those who have already experienced the effect of Ideal Lean. And the result is rather impressive. The users admit a great texture and taste of the shake regardless of the liquid chosen to make it. Besides, the product enjoys popularity among the professional and amateur athletes from various sports including volleyball and motocross. Still and all, you have the final word whether this shake is ideal.

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