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28 September 2015

Where to meet Russian ladies in Manchester?


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There are many Russian expats in Manchester. Perhaps, Manchester is the best place in the whole Britain to look for Russian ladies. You can meet them in the city center or in your local park. There’s more than 50 000 Russians in Manchester. This is a very rough estimate but you can definitely meet Russian women easily. Start by looking in places that serve Russian cuisine. Russian ladies like their native food and try to enjoy their national cuisine at least once a week.

Where to meet Russian ladies in Manchester?

Armenian Taverna (3-5 Princess Street, Victoria Buildings Albert Square)

This is one of the most attractive places for Russian ladies. It is Armenian but it serves Russian dishes as well. The food is great and the place is pretty popular too. Try coming at evening or during weekends. You can also find a lonely girl there reading a book and speaking with personnel in Russian during day. Russians are known for their openness and social flexibility, so making a conversation won’t be a problem for you. You can also learn some communication skills from our Casa friends.

St Petersburg Russian Restaurant & Club (68 Sackville Street)

This is the most popular place that attracts Russians from all corners of Manchester. You can easily meet single Russian ladies there. This place is very diverse. You can have a good meal but you can also dance, meet people, use Karaoke, dress in the traditional Russian costume, etc. You will most probably have fun time here. In the evening the place is full of customers. Not only Russians come here but other Slavic people as well. You can see women from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and Baltic states there. You won’t even be able to make a difference between them.
Where to meet Russian ladies in Manchester?

Remember that most single Russian ladies come to England to have a family.
Therefore, you won’t just be looking for someone. Someone will also be looking for you. Enjoy some thematic parties in St. Petersburg Restaurant during holidays and weekends. This may provide you with the best opportunity to meet a Russian woman of your dreams.

Another trick is to meet Russian women in a cafeteria in front of the Russian Visa Center (Peter House, Oxford St, Manchester M1 5AN). Russian expats appear here regularly to prolong their visas or to check some other documents. There are a couple of cafes and restaurants around the area. Just visit one or another and you will most probably find what you’re looking for.

Start a conversation implying that you want to have a date. Russian women like to meet men in restaurants and cafes, even on the street or perhaps in a park. Approach them casually and they will most probably be grateful for your attention.
Where to meet Russian ladies in Manchester?

One final place to look for single Russian ladies in Manchester is on the internet. Try accessing expat communities in order to find out about their meetings and forums. Every week something new comes up like “A Day of Traditional Russian Soup” or “A Festival of Russian Songs and Music”. Try joining these activities and be prepared for a lot of opportunities. Russian women like to go out and meet people. But they also like to stick around their own kind. She might come with her Russian friends but there are a lot of chances she will leave with you.
Using Internet you can know about Russian clubs, expat communities, their activities, and places where they meet. Expats always use internet to find each other. Therefore, it’s only logical for you to use it as well to find them. They like to organize book clubs or attend yoga lessons together. Monitoring Russian expat communities on the internet is the best way for you to find out where to meet Russian women. This way you will always stay updated and well informed.      
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